Enjoying The Arizona Summers

pool-flowers-waterfallPeople who do not live in Arizona all year round do not understand how enjoyable the summers can be here. Having a swimming pool definitely helps, and Lakeside Pools is available to help you enjoy the summer without interruption. When it comes to pool design and repair in Mesa, no company does it better than Lakeside Pools.

Homeowners want the best Mesa Pool design service and repair available in Mesa. The reasons are obvious. Arizona summers are hot and a beautiful backyard pool is essential.

Lakeside Pools works to create the backyard of your dreams you can enjoy throughout the year.

Quality Backyard Living

Anyone who has had a swimming pool for any length of time knows how the water quality can do downhill very quickly. Aside from providing quality custom pool design services we offer key partnerships to pool cleaning and service companies to protect your investment starting with the quality of your pool water.

Don’t let your beautiful new pool go to waste. This is why we offer maintenance solutions for all of our pool installation projects upon completion.

Some examples of recurring problems that can appear if your new pool isn’t maintained:

  • low chlorine levels due to constant exposure to sunlight
  • green algae as a result of an imbalanced water chemistry
  • rust stains on pool tiles
  • blonde hair turning green as a result of too much copper in the water

Pool Equipment Essentials

32386428_sYour pool has several components that you will want to keep up with as a part of your pool maintenance. Each component serves a specific purpose. Our pool repair partners can ensure anytime your new pool needs a repair your will be taken care of.

Simple Yet Clear

The importance of clean water and a maintaining pool equipment are obvious. What Lakeside Pools know how to guide you through creating the pool of your dreams we know keeping the water clean and your pool equipment in its best operating condition throughout the summer requires experts who are available to repair any problem.

Our Mesa Pool design and repair service has an excellent reputation. Contact us for an appointment to see how we can help you continue to enjoy the upcoming Arizona summer.